W202 2.88 Differential wanted.

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Dec 3, 2016
Chesterfield Derbyshire
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As per post, I am after a good condition 2.88/2.87:1 diff for my W202.

My car is a 1997 but needs a diff with the ABS sensor fitted. The later diff is no good as I can't fit the ABS sensor to it!

I would like spend less than £100 and don't mind traveling within 150 miles from J30 M1 for the right diff at the right price!

Hopefully someone has something knocking around gathering dust.

Thanks, Graham.
it would help if you put what engine your car has, as the diffs have different
I have the 2.0 M111.945 engine.
Current diff is a 3.96:1 from what we can see on the casing... this is too high revving currently around 3,000rpm at 70mph which isn't good on fuel!

The diff I want is the 2.88:1 from the 2.5 td.
All the maths are done already and the engine can cope with the 2.88:1 diff, there is tuning to be done to the 2.0 and the current setup is too low geared to deliver what is desired.

Also the replacement diff must be from an early car due to needing the abs sensor in the diff not at the wheels like the later cars have!

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