W202 220 CDI low engine temperature

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should be a lot better on fuel, I noticed a huge difference when I replaced mine
Once again I am rolling back on some details for my w202.
After driving my car for some days, I noticed that the engine operating temperature started again lowering at 60 Celsius.:wallbash::doh:
So i thought I have to take matters in my own hand. Starting with this, I downloaded EPC WIS/ASRA...one of the latest editions, and started working on water cooling system schematics.
And that is were I got enlightened. I think this will help all those that have changed the thermostats many times and haven't succeeded in optimizing temperature were it should.
In a Polish website I read an article similar to mine. They said that my car model had two thermostats...
1. The main one.
2. A Thermostat located at the oil/fuel radiator cooler

The part number was A0052033175 (which was BEHR, and I think it comes with the radiator, it's not sold separately except if you order it in a Mercedes Benz authorized parts dealer), was a thermostat which was activated at ~80 Celsius, and it should help the engine cool down faster by cooling the oil and fuel...
Interesting as it is, this thermostat when it stuck open, it circulates water from the engine compartment to this radiator cooling down continuously oil/fuel (so this explains why the engine temperature lowers on highway, due to this radiator cooling water).
I did a test, started the engine and drove for 15 min city driving. The engine temperature was ~60 Celsius. Stopped the car, opened the hood and touched this small radiator and it was freaking hot, which explained were the engine temperature was being cooled.
I don't know if this happened to anyone else, but I would like to hear suggestions. I searched in many forums, and nothing like this came on.
Below is the picture of the thermostat and the location:
Oil-Fuel Radiator Cooler Thermostat by ardisulo | Photobucket

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