W202 C220CDi Sport Auto (2000 reg, 80k miles, lots of extras)

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Dec 24, 2004
W202 C220 CDi
If you have ever wanted a W202, then now's your chance, grab a coffee and get reading folks! :D

Key Points

  • First registered March 2000
  • 4 owners in total (1 of which was the motor dealer we bought it from)
  • We've owned the car since 2010
  • 2.2 litre 16V turbo diesel engine with 5 speed auto box
  • Currently showing 80k miles, an average of 4k miles per year from first registration to 2019
  • Full black leather + carbon fibre trim interior trim in excellent shape
  • Extensive list of factory fitted options including electric windows / mirrors, air-con (checked in May 2019, no leaks), cruise control, bi-xenon lights, electric foldable rear head rests, anti-tow alarm
  • Genuine staggered one piece AMG wheels straight from factory (would definitely benefit from a refurb)
  • Bodywork straight overall, but there's some rear arch wheel rust which sadly is a common feature of the W202
  • Last serviced June 2019, included Bosch oil and air filters and MB229.51 spec 5w-30 fully synthetic engine oil (pictures during service below, including on ramp)
  • Brake discs, pads, tyres all in good condition with matching Michelin Pilot Sport 3 tyres front + matching Dunlop SP Sport tyres on the rear
  • MOT until 21 Dec 2019 + some MB history
  • The car was on a classic car policy which cost around £230 a year to insure on a fully comp basis (happy to pass details of insurer onto new owner)
Engine / Gearbox
  • 4 cylinder DOHC, 2,151cc (2.2 litre) turbo diesel engine (Mercedes OM611), producing 125hp + 300Nm of torque
  • Turbo begins to spool from around 1,500RPM, the car pulls well
  • Engine is chain driven, so no need to replace timing belt, just change the oil regularly (exactly what I've done during my ownership)
  • 5 speed automatic gearbox (Mercedes 722.6), which can operate in fully auto mode but also has a manual shift mode
  • No untoward noises from either engine or box
  • Mileage is documented as follows

Brakes / Suspension
  • The brake discs pull up straight with no grinding or squealing
  • Plenty of life left in both discs and pads with no uneven wear
  • Because this is the Sport version of the C220CDi, the car was lowered at the factory and (a) handles better than the non-sport version of the car and (b) also looks nicer. Never had issues with speed bumps
Wheels / Tyres
  • Factory fitted genuine one piece staggered AMG alloy wheels, 8” on the front and 9” on the rear
  • As an optional extra, the arches were made slightly wider at the factory (as confirmed by spec sheet), to accommodate the staggered AMG wheels
  • The alloys could really do with being refurbed to bring them back to their former glory (I can recommend a very good alloy wheel repair expert who has done work for me personally in the past and who has quoted £200 to have these refurbed, powdercoated, lacquered)
  • Front tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (225/45/17)
  • Rear tyres: Dunlop SP Sport (245/45/17)
  • Tyre wear quite even, all tyres have their pressures checked regularly
  • No bulges or damage to tyre sidewalls, no puncture repairs
  • There’s also a spare wheel, but never been used, all I have done is ensure that it is kept pumped up to 35psi
Bodywork / Glass
  • Metallic silver, with colour coded bumpers and trim
  • Body: overall, with the exception of rear wheel arch rust, the bodywork is in great condition for what is effectively a 20 year old car, is unoriginal and has not been repainted
  • Bumpers: some marks from the usual car park rubbing, but nothing horrendous
  • Passenger side: if you look carefully you will note a rubbing mark on the plastic part of the exterior trim, half way down, roughly in the middle and below the doors
  • Underneath: you will note that I have taken a number of photographs when the car had its most recent service in June 2019. Importantly, items such as the brake lines are rust free (car is not driven when roads are gritted), the catalytic converter is fine and generally all is in order and as it should be
  • Glass: no chips or cracks anywhere, glass in perfect conditions (heated rear screen too)
  • The car seats 5 in total, with 3 in the back
  • Black leather seats with matching door cards and headrests
  • Carbon fibre dash and door trim
  • White gauges / instrumentation with orange backlighting
  • Interior is in very good condition with no wear to the rear seats (I don’t have kids or pets so rarely carried rear passengers)
  • Passenger seat also in excellent shape, with minimal wear, driver’s seat wear is commensurate with age and mileage but there is no unsightly side bolster damage, tears or rips, so very presentable
  • Large boot – decent sized boot, one of the images is an A3 sized atlas which looks quite small compared to the size of the available boot space (rear tyre lives under the boot floor cover)
  • Front / rear windows, door mirrors, traction control, xenon headlights (factory fitted option), anti-tow alarm, heated rear screen
  • Air conditioning: blows very cold in the summer and very hot in the winter, had it checked by Coldstar / Mirage Air in London (recommended on here following a search) in May 2019, said no issues, system is full, no leaks
  • Factory radio replaced with a SONY CD / USB player
  • Battery: factory uprated heavy duty 100Ah Varta battery. I hook the car up to a CTEK battery charger (best chargers in the world) to recondition / keep it topped up once every three months or so, which is why I have never had any starting issues even in the depth of winter
Room For Improvement
You could just get in the car and drive off and not attend to any of these and it won't really affect anything but in the interests of full disclosure:
  • Alloy wheels: to improve overall appearance of the car, it would definitely be worth getting the alloys refurbished. From personal experience I can recommend Speedwells in Brimingham for this job, they really know what they are doing and have quoted £200 for all 4
  • Rear wheel arch rust: something to look at treating in futureif you’re planning on keeping the car long-term
  • Missing trim piece: small piece of external trim next to the passenger rear door (about the size of a fag packet), one day mysteriously vanished. Not sure if it fell off or was pinched
  • Passenger side: if you look carefully at the full side on image, you will note a rubbing mark on the plastic part of the exterior trim, half way down, roughly in the middle and below the doors
  • Air con: bit of an oddity – you can regulate the air flow (really cold + really hot) from low to high, but you cannot always fully switch it off
Paperwork / Keys
  • 2 original keys, V5C and last 10 MOTs are present (some tax discs too, before it went all digital)
  • Original owners manual / handbook, certificate of conformity, service book + Mercedes storage wallet
  • There is some dealer service history / invoices up to 2009, thereafter serviced by myself or by the trusted local mechanic when I was too busy to work on it
  • I appreciate this isn't a C63 AMG and often what something is worth is what another person is willing to pay for it. Having said that, overall my W202 is in good shape and I see no reason why it won't provide its new owner with many more years of service :)
  • A W202 C220CDi Sport with 160k miles and a cloth interior recently sold on eBay for £1,600, so I don't believe asking for £1,500 or an offer near that is unreasonable, try me, worse case scenario I tell you can't :D


  • I'm based near High Barnet on the outskirts of North London, zone 4/5, happy to show genuine buyers the car, you can take it for a spin as long just make sure you're insured to drive other people's cars (which most would do as an extension of an existing policy)
  • If you are a little further afield, we can have a think about getting the car to you, but let's discuss first, but happy to help club members
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Exterior shots





Engine bay (stating the obvious, I know)

Boot is a decent size on these, that is an A3 map

Clean interior, black leather and carbon trim








Alloys - fronts are in better shape than the rears



Tyres - performance tyres with no punctures or repairs




Underneath - car is clean





Oil / filter change in June 2019

If I have missed something out or you have questions, please feel free to reply or send me a PM.

Well, after a couple of inquiries, the car has now sold, with an offer not too far off the asking price, buyer very happy.

As one of the MBClub members said in the other thread, it probably won't be a buyer from London and it wasn't. New owner came down from the north of England and drove it home.

As much as we would have liked to have kept the car, Sadiq Khan can go **** himself if he thinks I'm gonna be paying £12.50 every time I want to use it. As such, the money from the sale will be used to buy something old and remember folks, anything that is 40 years or older is tax and ULEZ charge free, so I look forward to buying it and driving it in the centre as often as possible! :banana: (possibly a nice old diesel MB).

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