W202 C43 AMG Restoration......

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Nov 9, 2023
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Afternoon all,

Where do I start...... (please see introductions)

The owner of our business has decided to purchase himself a very well used W202 C43 AMG. Its requires a full restoration in my opinion as it has had various fabrication in the past. To be honest I am going to persuade the owner its needs to be a bare shell restoration.

We have started stripping the W202 and exposing all of its nasties, which there are a small few but lets face it.... no one is perfect.

The interior is stripped out and engine has been removed.

All the suspension is going to be powder coated or replaced depending on the quality of the parts (once we have removed the layers of rust).

The engine will be sent off to an engine shop to get rebuilt with nice new shiny bits and maybe even some performances cams etc.

As this new company I have joined, we have decided to use this a showcase of what we are capable of as a business and in my opinion this vehicle is perfect for this as we are expanding our franchise into different ventures. We will add some Pagani style touches along the way with some titanium bolts thrown in for good measure.

We are hoping to get this wonderful W202 ready and looking perfect for our Goodwood stand next year (Potentially) if we do not run out of time and I can convince the owner.

I think this vehicle should be treated with the greatest of respect and sit proudly amongst a our owners collection of Pagani's and McLaren's.

I know you might be thinking if someone has the money to own a couple of Pagani's etc why would they want to own an AMG W202.....!!! This was his dream car as a child hence the situation I find myself in.

Keep an eye out for some images.

Thanks everyone.
Keep us posted with info and plenty of photos of the restauration.

Do you have photos of the car before the strip down?
Interior and exterior photos?

How bad is the condition of the car?
I know that most European cars look nasty from bad weather conditions when used in winter.
A Mercedes W202 AMG should not be used in winter climates, they were not build for this purpose as they were prone to rust.
I know you might be thinking if someone has the money to own a couple of Pagani's etc why would they want to own an AMG W202.....!!! This was his dream car as a child hence the situation I find myself in.
Welcome to MBClub. People who genuinely love cars usually love all cars, regardless of price tag. I look forward to hearing and seeing more about the project.

I have managed to attach some images from the start of our build.

Looks reasonable from the exterior pictures..... but as they say looks can be deceiving.

Will follow this up with some detailed images from how the car looks now.


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Looking fwd to this evolving, i own a few 202 amg's :)
Always loved the special rusty looks around bootlock, this tells every driver behind you that you are driving a Mercedes. :cool:

Car looks nice, paint suits the AMG very well.
Do you have the factory tint on all rear windows or is it fitted as an aftermarket?

What is the interior optionslist?
Do you have the extra gadgets on centre console, like folding mirrors, rear power blind ?
Don't see the PTS sensors on bumpers.

Here's a free tip to look out for:
Boot hinges snap from long overdue stress opeing and closing boot.
Both springs will eventually come off, you'll hear a loud bang when hinges snap.
Watch out for falling boot, it might hit you in the neck if you are not careful?
Always good to see this. Is the price these are worth VS the cost of a bare shell resto worth it?

Or maybe it's a labour of love.
Since I started my new venture here at GMR, I wanted to uplift the workshop.

Due to the type of vehicles that come through our workshop, I thought it needed to be of a higher standard...

Once everybody had called me all the names under the sun for wanting carpet down in a workshop (which I can understand) I think it really makes the place feel good.

A lick of paint and a roll of carpet makes the world of difference.

Anyway enough of me going on, I have added some more images regarding the wanting W202 in the workshop.

Sorry everybody, it only seemed to let me attach the 5 as an attachment but apparently the other images are too big, so I have added them as a link.

Please let me know if anybody has a better way to manage this issue, or if its just me being a dopey git.

007 — Postimages

Thanks again and watch this space!!


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You can down size your photos to about 75% and put them up on the forum.

The W202 is a true rust trap.
Now that you exposed your car bare naked removing panels and plastic covers the hidden rust is found on places you didn't expect to have rust at all
Strip it and sand blast the metal clean
The strip down is complete. All parts (which are salvageable) boxed up and tidied away. We took some more images of parts laid out whilst trying to make them look good for the camera.

I know the age of this Mercedes is when the technology was changing with large wiring looms in cars but I couldn’t believe the amount of wires and might I add weight….. no wonder the cam bus system was a god send..

Overall the empty shell is not as bad as we initially thought, with some really good attempts of MOT get through style welding. We have to remember this is a 24 year old Mercedes so all have a few scars.

Anybody know of any good classic Mercedes parts suppliers…? Will be putting in one hell of an order soon enough?!

Thanks for looking people and I will keep posting….



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LOL, if you want to see real rust, I can post a few photos of my W202 C230k that will make you feel better. Mine is due to be scrapped once I summon up the enthusiasm to get the V5C and get the plate MBC230K removed from it.
Hopefully you did not take it off the road too long ago....or you might lose the plate.....a friend found this out the hard way with his car. Both the vehicle currently showing the registration you are transferring (the donor), and the receiving vehicle, must either hold both current MOT and tax; be taxed and MOT expired; or MOT expired and tax expired less than six months.
Keep all the updates coming, it will be interesting to watch the progress, are you also doing youtube videos of the different stages??

Autodoc.de for parts


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