W202 cruise retrofit - any friendly STAR owners in Surrey area?

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Sep 15, 2016
W202, C200 Saloon, Manual
Hi there,

I've just got back from the states and am sold on cruise control (even thought it eats MPG and my C200 is thirsty enough as it is!).

I have a manual facelift W202 C200 and have read these (pretty old) threads. The second of which is very promising indeed.



I can easily and cheaply get the 8-pin stalk described in the post but the ECU coding is another matter. Does anyone know of someone who can help in the Surrey area?
Try these people, they are a forum sponsor and come highly recommended, they do not list the 202 on their retro fits but if it can be done they will be able to do it,
I remember looking at this when I had my C230K 202 Manual and as well as a stalk thought I was going to possibly need to fit a switch on the clutch pedal.
Thanks for the tip but the boggo non-AMG W202 is a bit long in the tooth now (certainly mine is) and the retrofit price is most of, if not over the value of my particular car.

I think I have the most basic W202 ever produced, cloth interior, no options, manual and 4cl engine - cruise would be nice, but the rules of bangernomics would prohibit me from spending more than the car's value to get it.

I understood from the previous threads that a £20 stalk and some programming was required. Although that was on ESP equipped cars, and mine has ASR.
Many thanks, I never would have found PCS on my own.

From the reviews I've seen of PCS on this forum I'm pretty stoked they're nearby.

I've sent Ollie an email.

Thanks again,

I want to fit cruise control to my car, if its fairly straightforward.

Its a 1998 W202 c180 sport estate manual. It has ASR as opposed to ESP, and I picked up a stalk from the breakers yard yesterday for pocket change.

So couple of questions, Can anyone tell me what is the safe method of removing and reinstalling the steering wheel without blowing it up? And can anyone recommend someone in the oxford area to code it for me?

I fitted cruise to my 2005 Saab 9-5 and it was literally just a stalk swap (these cars have a toggle switch built into the indicator stalk), no coding required.
I also fitted it to my 1986 5 series BMW, quite a rare factory option in those days. These are on quite a basic fuel injection system (bosh LE jet) employing a cable throttle and as such it was a total faff. Needed a stalk, ECU, clutch switch, wiring loom, bowden cable and servo!!

Thanks in advance

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