W202 losing coolant

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Jun 19, 2017
1996 C200 Sport
Hello! Help!

I've got a 2L auto w202, and it's losing coolant. I don't see any leaks, but I go through around 5 litres a week, and there's oil in the radiator as well. However I don't see any coolant in the oil, and there's no white smoke which leads me to hope that it isn't the CHG. I've heard that it might be the oil cooler gasket instead, which sounds a lot less financially painful. Can anyone confirm, and if so point me to where I can get a new gasket as there seem to be a few different options and I'm not sure which one I need?

Cheers :rolleyes:
Didn't know the C200 W202 with the M111 petrol engine had an oil cooler? Most likely cause is your CYLINDER HEAD GASKET I'm afraid to say. Take out the spark plugs and look down the spark plug hole. If the top of any piston looks wet/black/oily compared to the others and the corresponding spark plug looks black and fouled you have your answer.
5 litres a week is a lot - you might even have a leak on the transmission oil cooler in the radiator. The only way to identify if it is the head gasket is to do a leak down test.
Damn. Lesson learned, if you're looking at a car you want to buy and you find a bottle of water in the boot, don't buy the car :(
5L a week is an awful lot to be loosing into the combustion chambers so I hope it's something else like a leaking water pump gland. But if the head gasket is the problem it will show visually on one or more of the plugs. On my M102 engine it wasn't too obviously oily just an ugly build up of deposits on the rear plug.

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