W202 (Petrol) Flat Spot at low revs


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Oct 3, 2013
E Class 320cdi Estate
Hi folks, I hope someone can help.

1998 W202 C200 Saloon Petrol 81,000 miles.

Engine runs beautifully apart from a very annoying Flat Spot at the bottom of the rev range, i.e. when you put the car into D and press the accelerator, nothing happens for a second, resulting in a slightly lumpy pull-away. After that, it's all fine.

Anyone had this before?

My garage will look at it but can't say whether they can find the fault in one hour or five hours. They say it maybe a maf sensor amongst many other things.

Can't afford the garage so hope one of you have had this before.

Many thanks for any replies. Kim

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