W202 Propshaft Joint

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Dec 14, 2006
2013 E250 & 1999 M3
Hi all

I got an advisory 2 services ago that my rear propshaft bush has slight wear on it. That was now 25k ago so I plan to go under the car and see how bad it is so I can get it sorted. Is it a visual check or how can i asses the condition of the joint?

The car is a 1999 C200 auto with 133k.

Thanks in advance.

Ive just had my one at the gearbox end replaced. When it is on its way out it starts to clonk on slowing down to a halt as the gearbox changes down.
I had an advisory on engine mounts from MB main dealer @ 126k service; that was 70k miles ago......if the advisory was from a main dealer I would look very hard to make sure it really needs doing.
I went under the car yesterday to have a look.

They look brand new and there is no clonks etc in the drivetrain. I guess you are right, the MB dealer was looking for work!
that wouldn't be MB swindon by any chance?

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