w202 saloon - were split/folding rear seats ever an option?

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Apr 16, 2004
S205 C200SE & W202 C230K
...wondering about possibility of retrofitting...is it possible or am I barking up the wrong tree?
My previous w202 had split folding leather rear seats, my current one doesn't. It was a very useful option!

It is possible to fit the seats, BUT you would need to cut through the floorpan to get the opening into the boot, and the models with folding seats have strengthening beams to cover the loss of rigidity due to the opening, you would probably want to have them welded in too. It IS a possible mod, but atm I have decided against it ;)
As Shude says, yes, they were. I have them on mine - see the red handles either side of the boot to release the seats. 60/40 split.

...don't like the idea of cutting bits out and welding more bits in...if it had just been getting hold of part and swapping/fitting things I'd have gone for it. When I was looking for my used C230K this was a very RARE option and finding something suitable wasn't possible at the time. Ditto a C230K estate. But much thanks for explaining it all to me.
I wouldn't fancy this as a mod because as Shude has stated cars without this option have a substantial bulkhead that needs to be cut through whereas the models that do have the 60/40 split folding rear seats have strengthening elsewhere within the frame to compensate for the missing rear bulkhead.

*EDIT* Mine has this option too and to be honest I can't see why it wasn't standard, it's a dead handy feature to have.


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