W202: seized locks

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Jul 18, 2009
W202 C240 1999 Green; Previous: W202 C200
Post-facelift W202

Door lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn

Boot lock: key goes all the way in but does not turn

Glove box: key works

Boot lock problems are common on this model. There is a release on the fob and inside the car so the lock doesn't get used and seizes. But in my experience when that happens the key doesn't go in all the way.

My assumption is that both locks are seized but is there an alternative explanation?
Seems like classic 202/208 seized lock. Don't spray WD40, as it's not a lubricant, regardless of what most people tell you. Try some penetrating oil. If you don't have on hand, you can stop by any shop and ask them politely for a quick squirt.
It’s likely the door and boot lock cylinders are seized; try turning the key to the right as in Pic 9 & 10 below. When the boot lid is eventually opened, flood the key hole with oil while the boot lid is in the fully open position to allow oil to seep down into all of the lock cylinder.


If the drivers door lock won’t free up then you may need to remove it so as to flood it properly with WD40 or a penetrating oil, remember you aren’t trying to lubricate it, you are trying to free it up with whatever ingredients are in the oil.



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