w202 vs R170 vs W208 steering wheels

Discussion in 'Interior' started by cazyp, Aug 18, 2015.

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    Oct 23, 2010
    C43, Hilux
    I have this wheel in my W202.
    I'm going to remove and recover it:


    While I do that I need a replacement as it's a daily driver.

    I have found a wheel cheap for a CLK W208 - which also have similar looking horn at the side type airbag cover.
    See first attachment.

    Also the pre facelift r170 SLK wheel cheap - again horn at the side type fitment. - Second attachment.

    Can anyone confirm if my airbag and cover will fit either of these while I recover my w202 wheel?

    (It would seem after searching the net and breakers that Facelift w202 steering wheels are pretty non existant.)

    Many thanks

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