W202 window/mirror switches and pannel

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Apr 1, 2010
I need the switch pannel between the seats of a w202 to include front windows and mirror switch. The part number stamped on the switch board is as follows 202 821 0251 with the merc star onfront of it and under neath the number 037 500 23; can anyone help please.
Switch plate

Well I duuno what it will cost, MB but it isn't going to be a cheap fix,, however, I got one off a slightly earlier model, the connector is different as is the mirror switch, but I don't think that the switch cover it's a realy plasticey bit with the printing will transfer to my switch, thats how i buggerd the first one trying to get it off. Ah well. just keep waiting for he part of Ebay. Ian by the way i got the other one of e bay for a 10 er so that ain't bad

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