W203 200 CDi enquiry

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Derek Mc

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Aug 21, 2008
I am looking at changing my car and thinking about a C200/220 CDi Avantgarde Sport model probably and Auto so if anyone can help me with issues , corrosion, swirl pot? injectors etc,,,

Much obliged

Pass the C200 cdi by and go for the C220 cdi........get a facelift model - 2005 onwards I think.
Mine is a W203 facelift, not diesel but Kompressor (petrol). It has covered 33k miles and I had no major problems whatsoever. A couple of annoying niggles though, all wheel bolts have rusted-up (but were replaced by the dealer under warranty), the 'convenience closing' feature for the windows works intermittently (and the dealer refused to sort it out - very annoying), and the paintwork seems prone to stone chips and minor scratches (probably because nowadays they use water-based paint which is much softer). But no body rust or any other issues. The Interior is quite hard wearing, apart from the central hand-rest which started sagging-in after a couple of years of resting my elbow on it - not very becoming. But as said, no major issues whatsoever. Hope this helps.
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One other thing – mine is a ‘Classic’ not the Avantgarde Sport, so has a higher ride – if the car you intend to buy was driven is an area riddled with speed bumps then a good look under the car would be useful.

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