W203 2005 1.8 Kompressor/Supercharger Bearing


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Jul 20, 2015
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Hey Ladies and Gents,

Im new to the forum

Wanted to receive some advice.

I have W203 2005 1.8K, ive had a weird winding noise which sounds similar to a powersteering belt/pump noise which i thought was a tensioner or pulley.

Ive had my car taken to a Mercedes specialist to check out, and after investigation, it comes out this will be the Kompressor/Supercharger bearing/pulley making a noise. You only hear the winding noise when you driving between 10-30mph, basically low revs. The car still drives and idles perfectly.

The mechanic came to this conclusion after loosening the main belt and testing all the pulleys/tensioners.

So my question is:

1. Is it best to replace the entire Kompressor/Supercharger?
2. How much will cost to replace only the bearing part of the Kompressor/Supercharger?
3. Will this bearing seize in the Kompressor/Supercharger and if so what damage will happen??
4. Im doing a long road trip in 2 months time - saying that my wife does 75miles with the car everyday - is it ok to drive like that.
5 Whats the cost to replace the Kompressor/Supercharger incl labour?

Sorry for all the questions but just wanted some more opinions.

Any opinions will be much appreciated.

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Feb 14, 2012
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Hello mate i cannot answer your questions but i have a supercharger unit off a w203 c180 coupe. 2002 from a car with 108000 on clock at time it was removed from the doner car i had to repair my moms cam sprocket. £90 collected
Or You could probably get a new one for a discount if you exchange your old unit. Depending where you are there are places that recondition . But if its just the pulley maybe its worth just changing that first .parts for these cars can be very expensive and so can the labour cost .as we found out when our cars chain had slipped due to a cam sprocket with half the teeth wore away.


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Feb 28, 2015
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Our rebuild service is £265 (plus £20 return shipping) and takes up to a week from arrival here to dispatch. It includes:

Strip and inspect
Clean casings
Replace nose bearings and oil seal
Replace rear needle roller bearings
Reassemble and fill with oil

We cannot change the centre bearings which support the base of the rotors, as Eaton rolls the casting onto the bearing outer race at assembly, meaning the casing has to be fractured to remove those bearings. That said, these are in an oil bath and rarely fail – if on inspection we discover they have failed, we do not charge for the strip and would inform you we cannot recover the supercharger. I would say that is about a 10-15% risk.

If you want to go ahead, box it up (do not include any manifolds, outlets or attachments like bypass bellows), and send to us at the address below with a note so we know who it is from and what problems you are aware of.


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