W203 Android Upgrade

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Nov 17, 2013
Pendle, Lancashire
C36 AMG, C55 AMG Estate & CLK55 AMG
2004 (2005MY) W/S203 with factory Comand NTG2 and no Harmon Kardon amp/sub.
While I prefer to keep stock looking where possible, on this occasion to get the functions I want, I am looking at ditching the Comand (though saved for a retro-fit in the future) and going with an Andriod head unit.
I have done a search and there don't seem to be any recent threads on W203 (or W209) (unless I'm using the wrong search words).
Looking at the units available online with the W203 facelift bezel/fitting, I can have bluetooth audio streaming , DAB and the option for reverse camera (this has appeal as we have a large dog crate fitted in the back, with little visibility out of the back window).
They appear to have an option to retain the steering wheel controls and DAB is a seperate box plugged un via USB.

Some older threads are critical of the quality of the far east Android units, is this still the case, or have them improved?

From an aesthetic point of view, I think this looks the closest to an MB OE unit.

s-l1600 (8)555.jpg

I did initially like the idea of this, with a larger touch screen, but don't think I could live with the dark grey bezel extending down to the HVAC controls.

s-l1600 (5)3.jpg

This one looks too VAG

s-l1600 (8)222.jpg

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