W203 boot aperture & boot space dimensions

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Mar 26, 2024
Pug 107
Hi all. Hopefully I'm asking this in the right place!

Would anyone in a position to do so please furnish me with the dimensions of W203 (saloon) boot opening and boot space?

I'm looking to buy an auto estate or saloon W203 in the near future but I'm in a wheelchair all the time with the exception of the few steps I can take (with walking sticks) that allow me to get from the back of the car to the driving seat. This means I need to be able to get a fairly large folding wheelchair into the boot.
Folded down this thing measures (cm) about 88 x 90 x 40 so my question is would I be able to get it into the boot of a saloon W203? I need to know the dimension of the aperture at it's lowest (hence narrowest) point. If it would fit through the gap ok would the internal dimensions of the saloon boot be enough to take the chair?

I couldn't seem to find this detail anywhere after a short consult with Google and a spot of forum searching here, plenty of mentions of capacity in litres but that is of no help in this instance.

Any help with this question would be greatly appreciated, as if I could go for a saloon variant it would open up some more options within my very limited budget and get me out of my faithful but unpleasant Pug 107 (which became a 2 seater when the chair came into my life) a little sooner!

Thanks all.
I read through my initial post and I think I might have chosen my words poorly so please allow me to try again!

Please, please if anyone has a w203 saloon and a tape measure, could you provide a width measurement for the boot opening at it's lowest, narrowest point? I'd be very grateful as this is the only piece of info I just can't find and I need to know if my wheelchair will fit.

Thanks to anyone who may be able to help.

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