W203 - C220CDI electronic fuel level issue

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Jul 19, 2017
C class estate 2006
When i first got the car decided to check out the dipstick. Felt like one when I realised some have an electronic dipstick. However I cant get it to give me a readout. Wonder if its failed in someway.

Any ideas guys?
In which way can't you get it to give you a reading?
However I cant get it to give me a readout.

What are you trying? It should just read "OK" in the cluster display when the correct page is selected.
Thanks for coming back guys. Its the fuel level. With engine on it says switch off. When ignition off it just flashes on and off.

Fuel level is fine.
Could you make a little video of what's happening?
OK will try again, doesnt say anything I don't think but will try again.

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