W203 C270 cold start problem


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Nov 24, 2010
Hi guys, i have an intermittent cold start problem when car is left 1 or 2 days without working and standing uphill.
The car doesnt start and takes some time to fire up, but after start runs fine without problems (looks like its loosing pressure in the high pressure fuel rail).
There are some bubbles in the clear pipes when the car is trying to start.
-Engine bay ,fuel pressure regulator, fuel filter, and all fuel connections are bone dry without leaks, also doesnt have the slight smell of diesel
-Doesn´t give errors in star machine (i have the star multiplexer :p)
-Before this i have noticed that the car have an erratic idle when outdoor temps are very cold like 5ºC (not the case right now)
Can anyone give me some advise?

Obs: C270 2001 year

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