W203 C270 Electronic Oil Level - Help!

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Jan 11, 2017
C270 CDI Auto Saloon 2001

I am a new member and this is my first post. Don't know what the protocol is.....so hi!

I bought my Mercedes this January, a W203 C270 CDI Auto Avantgarde and I think it's great!

Anyway, I'm about to do an oil and filter change myself this weekend and need some advice on getting the dash to display the actual oil level rather than just 'Oil ok'.

I've researched as much as I could but the procedures I've found (ignition position 1 then pressing the reset button quickly 3 times etc) hasn't worked. I'm just a bit worried that I won't be able to accurately check the oil level after I've replaced the oil. Unless I just do the 'count them all out and count them all in' way and simply put back the same amount of oil as I've removed?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks!
I'd recommend purchasing a dipstick, if you intend doing DIY services.

The likes of Sealey sell the correct type. You might want to get one for the atf while you're at it?


Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

I've experimented with mine, it never goes above 6.4 litres no matter how much I keep adding, and it never goes below 1.4 litres even after draining the sump dry. Even after checking with a dipstick that the oil level is correct it will tell me "oil level too high, remove oil".

So buy one of these and you'll always know 100% correct how much oil is in your engine.

Dipstick for Mercedes Engine W203 W204 W209 W211 W220 SL CL SLK CLK CLS NEW BEST | eBay

Mine says 5 litres .it should say 6.5 l.

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