W203 C320 petrol power steering reservoir

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Apr 5, 2017
Antrim, Northern Ireland @woodgateair
2001 W203 C320 Elegance
OK I'm feeling stupid. I've started to get a bit of a light shudder on turning left when at 30 mph and over. The car passed its MOT today with no issues so am assuming steering, joints bushes etc are ok.
I've just read that this can start when the power steering fluid is low so decided to check it. I looked and found the "box" of what looks exactly like the reservoir that I see in pictures (see attached) jjjj.PNG BUT theres no cap on it.

Pleas tell me I'm stupid and point me in the right direction.
There should be a cap on it, with a level stick attached to it.
I seem to recall that the Power Steering Reservoir is under the 'Right Hand Air Intake Pipe' - which you have to pull out of the way to gain full access to the Reservoir. You may have to be a bit rough pulling the air intake pipe out.
Power Steering Fluid Mercedes Benz C Class W203 - InstallUniversity.com


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