W203 Cdi 220 Diesel Leak Engine Bay

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Apr 9, 2010
Mercedes E320 Auto
Could smell diesel on occassions for months now but no sign of a leak anywhere.Sometimes poor starting too.

Today things came to a head. Big smell and upon examination, the clear plastic line above aux belt is leaking quite badly.

I want to change all clear ones in engine bay as they are prone to failure.

Any tips or a how too appreciated.

Also part numbers and approx cost would be great.

Many thanks.
It's the right thing to change them all together because if one has failed the others wont be that far behind.
That said, the one closest the poly belt only has around 1mm clearance (if that) and sometimes scrubs away.
It's sometimes the white end connections that fail (split) through the material degrading over time.
IIRC, a set of three at the dealership costs around £80.
Also check the condition of the belt as the diesel will not have done it any good depending on how long it has been leaking. If in doubt, change it because you don't want it snapping

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