W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

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Oct 5, 2012
Norfolk // Wales
W203 C270 CDI
Not very polite forum etiquette for my first post to be a problem, but that's better than spamming nonsense!

I've recently bought a W203 C270 CDI estate, but I've got an irritating problem. The rear washer gets water to the screen, and if I pull up the plastic cap at the base of the arm and "fire" the jet, there is plenty of pressure in the system, but with the cap down, I just have the stream hitting the plastic cap and dribbling down the tailgate.

Am I missing a nozzle or something?

Thanks for any help.

When you lift the flap you should have a twin jet nozzle. If it is missing? You will just have a hole facing you. With the flap up and pointing your eye at the hole or nozzle, get somebody to operate the wash. If a jet of water comes straight out over you? Then your nozzle has gone. If the water just drips it maybe that the nozzle needs cleaning or replacing.

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Yep, I'm missing a nozzle then.

Not necessarily.

My W203 (2002) estate had only one jet. I replaced the wiper motor a few years ago, the new motor came with two jets on the nozzle.

The screen-wash system is a weak point on these motors, mine disintegrated, causing water to get into the motor. Hence the replacement.
Mine's a 2004 car, and have just got a little hole directly facing you as you look at it.

Is the nozzle an integral part of the motor then?
You should have a small nozzle that has one or two (usually) two jets that you can adjust with a pin. This simply pushes in to the small hole that you have (no personal knowledge here of your intimate anatomy). You want the two jets facing vertically. They can then be adjust with a pin to spray up through the slot in the plastic dirt cap.

You should be able to get a nozzle from a Merc main dealer for a couple of quid.

As said. The rear wash wipe is a weak point on these cars in the winter. Put plenty of anti-freeze wash in the bottle and try not to use until the car is warm. The fluid freezes and puts back pressure on the various joints. These joints are all designed to be unreachable & hidden from view. If you have the arms of an anorexic Orangutan you can just about reach them. The ability to remove your eyeballs and poke them into small spaces is also helpful.

Lets hope it is just the nozzle you require.
I'm sure it's just the nozzle. If I flip up the plastic cover on the arm I have plenty of pressure and it squirts straight out behind the car. There just isn't anything making it spray over the rear screen, it just hits the plastic cover, gives up and runs down the back of the car.

Thanks for all your help.

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