W203 estate rear washer

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Jun 15, 2003
W203 C200 CDI '04Estate
Can someone definitively answer whether the rear screen washer jets on a W203 estate are supposed to follow the wiper across the screen?

I know on the W202 they weren't but eventually did, shortly before the tailgate filled with screenwash.

The design of the plastic cap over the end of the wiper spindle would imply the jets should follow, but then I couldn't explain why the narrow brass tube which passes through the centre of the spindle has snapped half way inside it.

As it now leaks inside the tailgate I've plugged the end of the blue pipe meaning I have no rear screen washer. Is it an MOT requirement?
I don’t think it does from memory, I had a problem in winter with pipe freezing up then the pump pushed the pipe of the jet resulting in the tailgate filling with water, secured pipe and it then filled the boot.

If you trace it back you will see the joins in the plastic pipe down the tailgate into the boot on the passengers side then to the front of the car
Thanks. I removed the tailgate trim today which revealed the blue pipe had come out of the rubber connector on the wiper motor. When I tried to blow through the connector it was extremely difficult so I assumed the fluid pressure had eventually forced the pipe off. I suppose it's the W202 problem all over again, the brass jet pipe sticking to the inside of the wiper spindle and eventually shearing when the wiper was used. A new wiper motor will probably cost more than the car's worth :(

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