W203 Front Noises?!?

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Rich J

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Jul 27, 2004
W203 Estate C220 cdi 2004, been getting some funny noises last few months via the front end. Will try be as descriptive as I can but sorry if vague.

Car had its MOT back in February so I'd hoped it might be picked up then but passed no issue at all.

When I go over a bump I can almost hear a clunk as though something was lose or has excessive travel, then the other noise is when I come to a stop or slow down I can hear a click/clunk from either side. Also tonight I could hear a noise which seemed to go with the rotation of wheels, but wasn't always present.

Things I've tried and looked at or done recently. Last year February lower and upper suspension arms changed (lemforder) and also drop links. Checked these and rubbers seem in tact. Also been on a car park and gone full lock either way with no noise.

I can however grab the track rod end and move these quite freely forward and backward if that makes sense, also another item never changed since new is the ARB bush.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Do the ARB bushes,they do wear and cause clunks and squeaks.
Do you think it could cause roll bar to move forward if they had gone causing the clunk I hear when I slow down or come to a stop?

My rear ARB bushes have gone (on order) and the rear sounds a tad squeaky lol
Any other ideas or anyone had similar issues?
W203 squeaky / rattle noise

Have you managed to fix the issue I've been having this problem last 2 months it's very annoying
Had something very similar when I first got my S203. Renewed the front ARB - had to buy the whole thing as I was told the bushes are now bonded to the ARB so can't be bought separately. Also there's a couple of linkages with rose joints that were worn. Changed them as well, problem solved.

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