W203 ignition key not 'springing back' and starter not turning

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Dec 12, 2021
North West
W203 C270
The ignition key in my W203 does not 'spring back' anti-clockwise when it is turned to start the engine. At the same time, the starter motor does not turn. In case the battery was flat, I have charged the battery (a year old) using a battery charger and it has taken a full charge. I have used my spare key (in unused condition) and there is no difference. Lights, central locking, dashboard lights all work as usual.
Does anyone know why the key does not 'spring back' and why the starter motor will not turn? Any replies would be welcome as I don't know what to do next, whether auto-electrician, MB specialist, regular garage.
Thank you.
It's a broken spring inside the EIS... plenty of repair kits on eBay.

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Hi markjay. Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated.

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