W203 not starting

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by reme-luke, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. reme-luke

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    Mar 23, 2014
    W203 c220 cdi avantgarde
    Sorry if this has been answered I tries the search function but couldn't find my specific problem.
    I've been away for three month and left my car ( c220 cdi) with my dad, he went to move it about 3 weeks ago but the battery was flat so started it off a battery pack and the car started and he drove it no more than 100 yards and left it running for three hours to put some charge in the battery.

    When he came back to the car to move it, the gear level wouldn't disengage out of park. Now the car won't start at all.

    I've come home and put a brand new battery on the car, the car responds to the key locking and unlocking the car, the radio works as do the windscreen wipers, no faults come up on the dash, the gear level won't move and the indicator on the dash is blank instead of saying P,D,R etc. fuse number 54 hasn't blown. There's no click or anything from under the bonnet when the key is turned.

    I'm stumped as to what the problem is any help would be greatly appreciated before I get a garage to come pick it up and fix it.
  2. grumpyoldgit

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    May 7, 2012
    C270CDI Avantgarde SE
    I think there are three main fuses in the plastic molding where the positive 'jump start' terminal is, under the bonnet. Not 100% sure though. (The small red cover that flips up to reveal the positive terminal). Disconnect the battery before checking them!
    Also a failed/stuck brake light switch (situated at the top of the pedal) causes all sorts of strange symptoms, similar to those you are having.
  3. miro

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    Mar 1, 2004
    Sydney NSW Australia
    W203 slightly modified
    Some things to check.

    As noted above, there is a power supply connection point where the jump start terminal resides. Check that first.

    1) Faulty key
    - try a second key
    2) Problems with Transmission controller
    - See if there is transmission oil in the footwell (capillary action along cable)
    3) Terminal 50 circuit on ignition switch is not firing
    - measure with multimeter
    4) Check Starter relay on front fuse box
    - smallest relay there - black - does it click ?
    5) Check Starter relay fuse (near relay)
    - to the right of the relay (check all the fuses for continuity
    6) Starter has blown (very rare)
    - put car on stands or hoist and determine voltage to starter
    7) Loose connection at main junction point near battery (as above)
    - more common
    8) Engine controller has blown
    - only if oil is found in harness (capillary action)
    9) Brake light switch (applies to cars made before 2003)

    After 2003 the brake switch was deleted and a second sensor was installed on the master cylinder of the brakes.
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    Miro, Nice to see you back on the forum !
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