W203 parametric steerring ?

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Jul 31, 2008
The silver one.
Wifes car has had heavy steering ever since she has had it, she thinks it fine but my steering is considerably lighter at parking speeds.

Its a 2001 C320 with almost every option so i am assuming its got the fancy steering, anything simple that goes wrong with the steering?

If the steering geometry is alright and there is no evidence of siezed ball joints then it's just down to the gearing and valving setup.
Thanks DM just passed mot so guessing balljoints okay, steering is heavy i hate the bloody car :mad: to small, but i have got to service it again soon new discs and pads and one front wheel bearing so will have a good poke around then.
Just done the vin check and no mention of parametric steering.

I think parametric steering was brought in with the facelift(2004), but await correction?
Hard to directly compare the cars. If hers has sport pack with larger wheels compared to yours, then this may explain the difference?
Both have the larger staggered wheels, but mine is effortless at parking speeds compared to hers, she seems to think its okay but i remain unconvinced.
Thanks for the reply.


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