W203 Part Numbers Required

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Jul 5, 2007
Hi Everyone, I am new to the forum and hate my 1st post to be asking for help but I was searching for info when I came across the web site.
I have a w203 (2003 c180k) last year I fitted a comand unit:D .
I have now purchased a cd changer (mc3010) for glovebox and intend to fix an aux port in glovebox while I have dashbord apart.
I have tried to research part numbers for aux port and db2 cable, power cable for cd changer but have become confused.:confused:
does anyone know the part numbers I need?

I am thinking A 203 540 34 08
A 203 540 08 09

and either A 203 440 18 08
A 210 440 50 05
I obtained this info from searching through past posts...which have been most helpful :)

Could anyone confirm the parts I need to order to complete this task?

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