W203 Rusted rear brake plates (dust cover). Spring problem

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  1. iDiesel

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    Sep 4, 2013
    C220 Cdi 2001
    My first post here :)

    Recently on my W203 C220 2002 year i started to hear some scratching noise from rear left wheel. I decided to open the wheel and to see what is the problem. If someone writes some working i prefer pictures so here are some from me :


    I realized that the problem is with the fallen spring that holds the brake shoe. So the noise was from the brake shoe scratching the drum like shown on the picture bellow :


    But, the spring fell off because of the rusted brake plate (dust cover). Instead of small hole where the spring should go inside, here was BIG hole and it was eaten by rust.


    I started to take the brake shoes off and unscrew the bolt that hold the dust cover to the knuckle. Then i realized that if i want to change the dust cover i should take the hub from the bearing and that will destroy the bearing. Someone will say that it is not true but i think that if i dissassembly the bearing it will never be the same again.

    Then i decided to make one stupid but working solution. It was to fasten the hook from the spring to the knuckle with wire (copper because iron will rust faster). Because i cannot take the picture from the solution inside, i made a fast drawing showing the solution.


    That works like a charm and holds the brake shoe to its position. I tested the handbrake almost 20-30 times and it works great.
    Here is a picture from the back showing the wire that holds the spring.
    Sorry because it is a little bit dirty of the cleaning solvent but forgot to take picture after cleaning. :D


    This is simple way to solve the problem until the bearing change. The scratching noise is gone.
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  2. Ricks Cafe

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    Sep 10, 2011
    E250 coupe
    Thanks for the post! I have the same problem and will do the same.

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