W203 sport pack brakes

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Jul 2, 2008
2011 E350Cdi Estate Auto
I have some of these for my CL203.
If I can get some more, inc discs/carriers etc, does anyone know if they will fit onto a W245 (with 18" AMGs)?
Many thanks
Will answer the question myself- upon studying the sport pack calipers which are quite deep/fat and the B-class current setup, I am convinced that these will not fit as there is very little clearance between the inner wheel face and the disc ( the existing B-class caliper piston is on the inner side of the disc).
How much and where did you get the sport pack brakes from? (if you don't mind me asking) I would be interested in upgrading my setup... I have CL203.
Got them from a breakers in Romford after following up on an ebay ad. Very helpful guy. Got the whole leg off each front side (shock, coil, discs, calipers, pads, hub) for £100 per side off an 07 car, which I thoought was fairly reasonable. Getting the brakes (at least) fitted next week.
Sent you link for him!
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was this guy an asain lad on a farm?
That's right. Nice chap
was it your old car by any chance, or is he a known crim?
lol neither mate. i go down there to get parts myself, very reasonable if u ask me
Agreed- he even had thermotronic panel I wanted.

Apparently he has a contact/ brother who has done a MOST conversion on a pre-facelift coupe- I thought it was just Sunil & Miro who had done that sort of thing!
yeah, that blue 1 he usually has outside, he changed the engine to the late 271 engine.
yeah, that blue 1 he usually has outside, he changed the engine to the late 271 engine.

-As you do!

When I went 2 weeks ago, he was doing an automatic box retrofit into a manual car...
It did get me thinking- only a little ! ( I have manual car) but not sure what kind of warranty there would be!
Can confirm that the sport brakes fit on my C-coupe(CL203) car with standard Evo 17" wheels without any mods. There is a small amount(just enough) of clearance between the caliper body & the inner wheel.
Sorry for hijacking your thread but can someone give me the part numbers on the sport pack brakes? Thanks Paulo
Afraid I can't as there were no part numbers on mine
wheelwell help, please

Can anyone help re: spare wheel, please?
I know a few have done the sport brake upgrade & also changed spare for full size...
I have temporarily a full sized 17" steel spare in my boot, but would like to tuck it away.
Is there a replacement wheelwell that will fit a full size oem alloy wheel?
If not, which wheel well do I need to fit a 17" spacesaver?

Many thanks for help,

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