W203 - Unlocking doors from engine bay

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So, stupid moment here...

Imagine this, you have the bonnet open and the keys in the ignition. The ignition is in the ON position, but the engine isn't started. Then you forget and close the door, which is locked.

Now, imagine that happened with the car blocking your other car on your driveway...

After swearing profusely a few times, I've had an idea.... surely the wiring for the vacuum pump that powers the door locks is somewhere in the engine bay... or maybe even the wiring behind the button on the dashboard.

So, does anyone have any idea if this is possible?

Alternatively, any other suggestions as to how to unlock the doors on the car, before the battery goes flat with the keys inside? I have access to the engine bay, but not the inside of the car...


Just to note, W203 door locks are electric not vacuum..
Spare key is at my friends house (not my car, he's come over for dinner and to borrow some tools to figure out why his car feels like it's in limp mode despite having no error codes). Oh, and his car is blocking all my cars in, so I can't even drive him home.

That said... it turns out that opening a W203 is relatively simple... all that was needed (after some youtube surfing) was a coat-hanger (the wire type you get from a dry cleaner) and some patience... thread through the door (wedge open a tiny bit with a rubber door stop/wedge thing) and loop into the door handle from the inside.

I would love to just post a video, but may need to lock his keys in the car again to get him to do it again :p


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