W204 2012 C220, Gearbox issue??

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Jun 29, 2018
14' C63 Diamond White Coupe
Was trying to help out a friend of mine who's been having problems with his W204.

It's a W204 C220 Auto, 7 speed.

First off, his EBD, TCS lights have been constantly on for past few days. I have tried reading codes from a cheap generic OBD2 reader, but only archived codes seem to come up, I can't clear them (even though code reader says they clear, they come up again), and no relevant codes seem to be there. I do have an iCarSoft on the way, so will try that to read codes when it comes.

Next there is a drive problem, it has introduced itself soon after starting the car, or even after a 20 min drive, and sometimes it goes away after attempting to drive normally.

The problem is, once setting off from stationary, the car just judders, and only moves at creeping speed. When applying power, there is more judder/groaning from gearbox/drivetrain area and the car doesn't seem to go into gear, or engage drive.

Current suspicions are:
- The E-brake is stuck? When we managed to recover it during our drive, it was like we firmly pressed the brake pedal while stationary (almost like engaging the e-brake) and then we were able to drive off normally, and it was ok until we got home
- Some gearbox issue? The gearbox has not had a service as far as we are aware, it's done 100k miles
- We heard squealing when attempting to force accelerate almost like brakes were binding

I know, we need to read the codes, but general OBD reader didn't work so will try again when I get iCarSoft.
Hi Tank , try to get the codes read by a decent reader, check the gearbox oil level or (better still) get the transmission serviced....long overdue.

Yep, all in the pipeline..

I'm hoping iCarSoft will be good enough for these codes, otherwise I'll need a garage to use STAR.

Is it possible to do a DIY transmission oil check?
Better off just getting the service done ASAP.

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