W204 271910 auto engine into a manual?

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Dec 14, 2023
Mercedes C180 1.6 2009
Hi, new to the forum and wish I checked here after purchasing my 59 plate manual1.6 petrol c class C180 w204 estate (courtesy of ULEZ). 4 months in and my timing chain snapped! So looking at putting another engine in.

Struggling to find a good value manual engine and have been told by breaker that I can get the 271910 engine (exactly the same as mine but out of an automatic car) minus the automatic parts. He has suggested that this new engine is the same as mine and can literally put the gearbox from my current car onto it plus all my manual parts (computer bits etc apologies don’t know names as not overly knowledgeable about cars) and it should fit.

Did speak with a staff member at Mercedes who seemed to agree but wasn’t completely sure if all bits are connected the same way to the engine?

Does anyone know if this possible or not?

Any help on the matter will be appreciated as want to be sure before I invest again.

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