W204 350CDI Dead, Advice Please

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You won't snap one as long as you use gen Merc stretch bolts (new ones) and tighten to 7nm then 90 degrees and 90 degrees again.

You could get all 6 injectors out in a hour
Not sure, I was just told it takes a long time to get to the injectors.
As said, 5k since a big rebuild, how long does it take for a seal leak to gum up badly ?

It varies hugely, sometimes it seals 'itself' at some point, but sometimes it blows fistful of gunk out... but its not happening during few hundreds of kilometers in any case...

Old bolt can snap too, unfortunately...
Well, that was interesting.
Spoke to another indie who told me 1 1/2 hours as you said, not 4 to 5 hrs so got it booked in for this morning.
He took off the covers and showed me - all 6 injectors are bone dry, clean, no sign of any leak or gunk anywhere.
The thing is, if I hadn't asked on here about the 5hrs to change 2 seals and 1 possible injector, I would have paid £700 out to the original indi for absolutely no reason what so ever ??
Guess what - I won't be going to that Mercedes Specialist again..
So where are you located? Which Indie are you using now? More importantly which one are you not using? Could help other members out in the future, thats all. :)
I don't know who to use at the moment, still have an exhaust smell if I boot it with the sun roof open and need a service.
I haven't spoken to the other indi yet to ask the reason to replace the seals and the time required - do they leak gasses or just diesel ??
I had noticed exhaust shooting out the bonnet from the turbo area - but the answer was it's probably always done that ?
I'm in Bristol...

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