W204 C200cdi power increase

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Dec 20, 2016
Hi , I'm the owner of a 2009 C200Cdi sport auto , I've done a bit of research and I'm still unconvinced on which way to go for a bit of extra performance and economy, a remap or a tuning box .
The wife is the main driver , so not looking for big performance, if I was I'd have bought a 320 . In the past I've only ever had remand , all very successful and practical.
Any info on which way to go would be greatly appreciated . Thanks in advance
Tuning box is self reversible/removeable a remap is - at a cost. The C200 is a single turbo OM651 so not so much scope as the twin turbo 220 and 250 engines. :dk:
Brabus do a tuning box which did not invalidate the manufacturer warranty in the first 3 years = reliable manufacturer approved upgrade. Sometimes these come up second hand.
Proper remap always beats a tuning box. You should get a remap by a reputable firm imo
There is a Brabus box on the bay if you're serious, nothing to do with me, I just wondered what they went for and searched "Brabus C200" and it was the first item returned :)

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