W204 C220 CDI Auto - oil at the op of the engine in the holes adjacent to the injectors - see photos

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Feb 22, 2018
2014 C220 CDI W204
I am having an issue with our 2014 W204 C220 CDi Auto that has covered 173k miles.
Looking at the top rear of the OM651 engine, I can see some liquid in the holes adjacent to the injectors.
See attached 2 photos.
It's only present on the rear 3 holes.
it appears to be black engine oil.

What is the most likely cause of this? And likely cure?

Thanks in advance.


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Almost certainly partly combusted diesel blowing by leaking injector seals

Can you hear a "chuffing noise" from the top of the engine?

It is commonly known as Black death but if caught and dealt with early not that serious an issue.

The injectors need to be removed, the area cleaned and the injectors replaced with new seals, occasionally the injector seat may need to be recut. 👍
Double check that you do not have the beginning of 'black death' and that its just a gasket leak . Black death = not good.

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