W204 C320 CDI 7G ATF Change - wow what a difference!


Dec 19, 2007
C250 CDI 125 Sport Edition
After much debating I took the plunge with the assistance of a good mechanic friend to change the oil on my C320 CDI at 75k despite that it is not necessary to change it according to the MB service team. (once it is done at 39k it is not needed to change again.)

All I can say is I was amazed at how dirty and burnt the oil was that was drained from the car! It's crossed my mind that it may never have been changed at all (although probably charged for, another whole story there with regards to my old W203!).

The job itself was a bit of a drama when trying to get the right amount of fluid back in the box without the special MB tool, but we got there in the end.

The car has now transformed in terms of smooth gear changes, no big clunks or dropping down to early. I have also just fitted the Brabus D3 kit also, not sure if this has had some sort of impact too!

I'm going to be changing the oil every 30k or so for as long as I keep the car and to any of you thinking about it is that it is well worth the investment even if you have to spend the £300 odd taking it to MB.


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