W204 C63 AMG - Future Collectable?

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The only thing you'll get from a PPP that you'll notice and cannot be easily added to a standard car is a faster revving engine from the lighter internal components.

Power is but a £400 remap away for more than the standard PPP figure.

Brakes are exactly the same size on a PPP with the same calliper but painted red. Only the front discs are different, by using a cast aluminium bell. They aren't floating and save around 3kg each. You might just about notice better wheel control and lighter steering. If you want lighter discs they can be fitted to a standard car.

Steering wheels can be retrimmed if you want part/full alcantara.

LSD wasn't standard on PPP and can be added to any car just as easily.

The 507 bonnet vents are cool and the wheels are a genuine improvement being forged/lighter. Is that worth £20-30k over a PPP. Hell no. My standard car had genuine 507 wheels, gearknob, black parts styling and cost far less.

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