W204 C63 rear brake dust shields

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Nov 23, 2021
Has anyone replaced their rear brake dust shields/backing plates on a 204 C63, the spring that holds one of the handbrake shoes in place has pulled through the backing plate on mine which now seems to mainly consist of rust, I've bought new ones but just wondering if this is a bearing off job or can get away with just removing the disc and caliper? Cheers
Bump, anyone done this job or work in the vicinity?
Don’t know about that particular model but on many MBs and BMWs you can avoid the hub removal by cutting the new backplate and manoeuvring it on.
The cutting method usually works , I have done it a few times (on non MB cars) it varies but because the dust shields have to be strong enough to hold the handbrake spring you can't just hack away.

I remember seeing online a guy did it on a c class and posted images of where to cut . Not sure if it was a 203 or 204 . I will see if I can find it .
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This is a 203 , but yours won't be much difference. When I do this job I always lightly rub down the surface of the shield and give it a few more coats of paint figuring it can't do any harm in helping to protect them from rust.
Cheers for that. I will give that a go.
When I’ve done it I didn’t take a whole section out of the backplate, just one cut and then eased it on in a similar way to how the guy in the video removed the old one. Some people then tack weld along the cut. As suggested above, a few coats of paint help keep the rust at bay. I’d have thought removing a section might present problems at MoT time.
Got this done over the weekend, just a cut, no section removed, worked perfectly. The most annoying thing about the job was that Mercedes in their infinite wisdom used 2 female hex type fittings on 1 side, and 2 bolts on the other side - the bolts were fine, but the hex were, like the rest of the area, completly rusted and rounded off immediately, so I ended up having to use a dremel to cut a notch in the head and get them off with a flathead screwdriver. Luckily I planned on replacing the bolts anyway, so had some ready to go, but there was no way they were coming off as intended.

Also something worth noting for anyone else that does this job is that on one side, the backing plate has a small bracket bolted to the back which acts as a guide for the pad wear sensor cabling. This bracket does not come with new backing plates and I could not find the part number anywhere, so I had to reuse the rusty bracket and again, the bolts holding them on were FUBAR and I had to use the dremel again to get them off. They are M5x10 bolts, plan to replace both if you do this job

If you do cut a piece out of the plate make sure you do not cut through one of the four raised area`s as this is were the brake shoes sit against, I noticed in the vid one was cut in half. TTMan`s looks the best way forward :)

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