W204 coilovers for wagon s204

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Sep 5, 2023
Mercedes-Benz s204 C320 CDI
Greetings, good folk!

I’m planning to stance my 2008 C-Class wagon but I’m stuck with a problem I can’t find a solution for on the web.
Everywhere I look (stores), there’s no definitive answer whether or not w204 and s204 share chassis or suspension so that I could fit the car with coilovers. Manufacturers’ pages don’t mention s204 specific coilover versions, only c204 and w204. But there are some stores that note that certain coilovers fit both sedan and wagon cars. Although the same coilovers do not have such info in the description on manufacturers’ pages.
There are many 204 wagons out there fitted with coilovers (BC Racing, D2 and other) but I fail to establish any communication with their owners.
Funny thing: I wrote to BC Racing official retail in Europe and even their salesman couldn’t give me a precise answer. Local stores say that they have only c204 and w204 kits in their catalogues and have no info about s204 specific variants.
So, I don’t know where and how to find coilovers specifically for s204. I’m mostly interested in BC or D2.
Thanks for them answers in advance and apologies for my English.

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