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Dec 18, 2019
W204 C180 2012
hi all.
On Monday I noticed clicking noise from front of my car.w204 sport . I experienced this before last year and took me a lot of effort before got to the bottom of it and everything was ok. Last year there was banging noise in passenger side in which I got a lot of advice from here. Drop links was replaced, noise continued, upper control arms and shocks also replaced. Later sway bar and both drop link was replaced and the noise stopped but the mechanic that fixed the sway bar did not use original Mercedes parts.drop link and sway bar and he charged a lot of money.Three months later the metallic clicking noise came back from left side.
I suspected the mechanic parts.I service the car myself and took it for mot at Indy and I bought left side drop link from Mercedes, I gave it to mechanic to fix, and the mechanic gave the old drop link to me it was not from Mercedes,the noise went away and since October last year no issue with the car.
On Monday noise came back from driver side, I went to Mercedes bought the driver side drop link fixed it by myself drove the car no noise all ok.
My point is most of the time mechanics don’t use original Mercedes parts and it always fail and they charged you for original parts.
When I compare the old drop link removed by mechanic with the new one that I bought, it was not from Mercedes dealer. They wrote useless number on it but the one that I bought from Mercedes got Mercedes written on it and part number. I went for about 40 miles trip and the car drove fine again. Hope this help. Thanks guys.
Hi Ad, you have come across something that starts very long threads "genuine" or "OEM" parts . Car manufactures these days manufacture very little , they just buy it and bolt it together and a car pop's out at the end.

This is very true of suspension parts , big names are Lemforder , Meyle and Febi along with many others . Some will argue that since Lemforder make loads of bits for MB in their Turkish factory and at the same time they make the same part and put it in a Lemforder box for aftermarket sales you are in fact paying 20% more for a cardboard box with an MB logo on it. The thing inside is exactly the same . Sparkplugs and wiper blades made by big name firm ? The same item with a 3 pointed star etched into it cost more .

The debate rolls on and everyone on here has an opinion on what they want on there car and some have had the non MB stuff fall apart in no time when others have been very happy with their purchase.

Having said that if you hand a part to you mechanic to be fitted or insist he use genuine MB stuff then he must. But that is a different matter , one of trust.

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