W204 'front subframe rear bushes' any advice?

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Nov 21, 2023
West Yorkshire
C220 CDI 2011
Hi all,

Have seen a few threads on this but nothing particularly up-to-date so far.

I have a definite feeling of something like a bushing being worn at the front end of my car, seems to be particularly the passenger side; when I go over a bump it definitely jolts more than it did before and more of a shock is transmitted to the cab. A local garage I trust (not a merc specialist tho) had a good half hour's play around with it pulling and leaning and levering on components and couldn't find anything at all with the front steering / suspension components. One of the employees said he was 100% sure it would be the front subframe rear bushes, as a customer previously had had what seemed like the exact same issue and they'd managed to solve it after trying various different things by fitting these.

They said it's at least a few hours of a job to get to, and from what I've seen the parts are at least £120 (not even sure if that's for genuine parts) does anyone have any advice on how much I should expect to be paying for this? I could also take it to my local merc specialist, but obviously they charge more.

if needed it's a C220 2011 with coming up to 120k miles.

any advice welcome

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