W204 front wiper problems

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Aug 12, 2021
2013 c220 estate
Hi all . So as it states in the heading i'm experiencing problems with my front wipers on my 2013 w204 estate . Over the last week or so every so often the wipers would get stuck half way through the cycle for maybe 10 seconds then complete its cycle . I jumped into the car to head to work and went to wash away a bit of rain/dirt and nothing happened , no wipers and no washers . Made sure the bonnet was closed properly tried again and still nothing , also tried getting them moving with my hands which worked but wouldn't carry on on by itself , I couldn't even hear both the wiper motor or washer pump working . As the forecast said it was gonna stay dry I chanced taking it to work , tried several times on the way to but nothing . Stopped of for a cheeky md 12 hours later on way home , pulled over in a lay by to eat , kept engine running the whole time as it was freezing out at 2am , 5 or so mins in and suddenly heard the wipers move back to thier original starting position (i obviously didnt push them back properly earlier ) but the stalk wasn't even on . Left the lay by , tried wipers and washers and viola they worked , done 2 full sweeps without a problem . Parked up on drive , tried again , got stuck half way then returned to starting position 10 seconds later . I'm so confused 🤔 . Any help would be greatly appreciated
Surely there would be many other symptoms of battery problems ie dim lights etc 🤔.
Also my headlight washers and rear wiper and washer still work fine , so it can't be the stalk .
Just brainstorming here , trying to figure this out by process of elimination . Don't think it's the stalk because everything else on it works , doubt it's a fuse because I'm sure the wiper fuse is shared with other components .
Q: Do all the washer jets , windscreen , rear window and headlight share the same pump ?
If they all run from the same pump then it can't be the pump and even if it was the pump it wouldn't stop my wipers from working. So this leads me to think it's the wiper motor , but if it is then why would this stop my windscreen washer from working ? Are the 2 connected (wired) together ?

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