W204 instrument cluster gauge problem

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by smuggler, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Feb 26, 2009
    My friend was trying to change glass on his instrument cluster and when taking it out has managed to drop and damage the outer back casing. After managing to source a roughly similar cluster just so he could swap the plastic and putting it all back together he has a big problem. When the cluster is plugged back in the fuel gauge needle will turn anti-clockwise and rest against the coolant temp needle, until the ignition is switched on and then it will move corresponding to fuel level, but not in line with the markings. When turned off it will rest again by the temperature needle.
    Also the rpm needle doesn't move at all.

    He says he completely had to strip the unit to swap the circuit board, so he took all the needles and motors out? If he had to desolder the motors could he have damaged something causing this problem?

    I tried something, and that was to stop the needle when it moves anti clockwise, and it stops but as soon as you turn it off it turns all the way round again.

    Anybody have any experience in this?

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