W204 Intelligent Lighting System


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Sep 7, 2011
C320 CDi Sport.
My car (2007 C320 CDi sport) has this option fitted, and I was wondering exactly what it does?
The manual doesn't really explain it, even the original glossy sales brochure I have for the car is a bit thin on information!
My last car a BMW E92 coupe had the adaptive headlights, which would 'turn' the beam as you turned the steering wheel, and was very noticeable (and useful) the cornering function was a bulb in each headlight that fired it's light sideways to illuminate the kerb, at slow speeds, or when the indicator was activated (not very often being a BMW!!!)
The Mercedes ILS doesn't seem to work as good? I have checked it is turned on, in the instrument cluster option.
The only thing I can notice is the fog light lighting up as a cornering aid.

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