W204 rear indicator (led)

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Oct 30, 2020
Mercedes C320 CDI W204 2008
Hi all, I come hoping that anyone can help me out if possible. I have a C320 2008 with led rear indicators, all was fine till this afternoon i got a message on the dash saying n/s rear indicator inoperative. When i look at the rear of my car with the hazards on the n/s brake light is doing the indicators job on that side. I have tried swapping out the bulb holders left to right but still nothing on that side regarding the led indicators. I have also disconnected the battery and re connected to see if it was some kind of glitch but to no avail. Am i looking at having to replace the light unit?
On another topic, involving the same car I found a rather strange hitchhiker in my o/s rear wing. Anyone know what this thing is? Was wired into the fusebox with a live and the skinny orange wire, earthed to the vehicle and had what looked like an aerial wrapped under the boot opening seal.image3.jpeg
Update on my lights, tested the led board and it was indeed faulty. New (second hand) lamp fitted and all working fine.

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