W204 - Steering column switch/ignition switch issues.


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Sep 22, 2013
Hi new to the forum,
Currently having some issues with my 2008 W204 220cdi Sport manual with 80k. Car has full MB service history and is about 3 months out of extended warranty, purchased from MB Sheffield. Car has been faultless to own, apart from rear tyres and the odd lamp replacement has done 40k effortlessly in just over 2 years.
Went to start it yesterday morning, and no ignition lights in position 2 and no starting in position 3. Just a clicking when key is removed, but nothing else. Checked battery with a multimeter and all ok (well above 12.4volts on my Fluke) Had Mobilo around and they pointed to the Steering column switch (seems a common fault) and said it needed to go to the dealership (Greenoaks in Slough)
After taking nearly the whole day to recover it to dealership (10mins up the road) they then called to say it was going to cost £139 to diagnose the fault? I queried this, but said they won't do any work without first authorizing that payment, despite the Mobilo guy providing the fault and print outs etc..
24 hours later they have called and are now saying its the Steering column switch AND the ignition switch?
Are these one item or 2 different parts? Asked the guy for a break down and all he will give is the price of just under a thousand pounds to rectify it?
Is this price the same at all dealers, or are they allowed to quote as per their dealership? As I've read of people on here paying a LOT less than that at other dealerships. This is obviously on top of the £139 they wanted to diagnose the fault again!
Thanks in advance,


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