W204 Subframe bush sizes

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Jan 14, 2024
2009 C250 CDI
Hi Guys

I own a 2009 C250 C-Class, so non facelift. i bought a new subframe on ebay, provided my VIN and Reg etc, but is appears they have shipped me a facelift subframe with 84mm front bushes, will this fit the non facelift? It looks as if might with the rubber bush in the subframe being larger diameter, but did MB also make a change to the top part that fits into the shell/chassis etc?

Any advise gratefully received.

Kind regards

Looks like I am wrong, both face lift and non face lift have 76mm front bushes
Hello and welcome .

So it's not you that got it wrong but the seller . If you gave them VIN and reg it's they that sent you the wrong part.

I must assume that you are replacing it due to corrosion . Did Mercedes Benz turn down your request for a replacement subframe free of charge ? It would be good for others on here who are caught up in the W204 C class rear sub frame 'scandal' to understand the path you took to replacing it.
no, i am replacing the bushes with poly, so grabbed cheap a subframe off ebay... it can't be worse than mercedes lol - I will waxoyl the inside and hammerite the outside thoroughly before we fit it

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