W204 Winter Wheels on a 2015 E Class Coupe?

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Jan 29, 2016
Northern Ireland
2015 E250 Coupe AMG

I am just about to change my 2014 w204 C250 AMG for a 2015 E250 Coupe. The C250 has standard 17" alloys and I have a spare set of 17" AMG winter alloys and tyres. However, the E250 coupe has 18" alloys.

Will the C250 alloys still be ok on the E250? I think there maybe a offset difference of 2mm, c250 47 and e250 45, so apart from looking small, will they fit?

I can't advise on whether they will fit or not, but be mindful of the overall diameter of the wheel & tyre so your speedo it not telling you the wrong speed.

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Personally I'd sell them on just in case.

Or, maybe if your feeling generous, give them away to a friendly neighbour with a W204 :bannana:
You will also need to check that the 17" fits over the brake caliper of the E250. Perhaps check if the E250 is available with 17" wheels on a lower spec or as an option.
The W204 and the W207 E class coupe share the same chassis/running gear so I don't anticipate a problem. Only time you may experience a problem is with front brake/caliper clearance on the big disc'd sports models if going down a wheel diameter- but usually going down 1" in diameter isn't a problem going down to 16" might be a step too far.
Mercedes have confirmed the stud pattern is the same and they will fit and even suggested spacers and longer bolts... not sure if the insurance would cover that in the event of an accident...
now for sale if anyone is interested....

Recently refurbished with less than a thousand miles on both wheels and tyres.

Staggered AMG styling: 7.5Jx17 ET47 (A204 401 4502) and 8.5Jx17 ET58 (A204 401 4602).

Goodride SW603 Winter tyres 225/45/17 94V.
I previously bought a 17" W204 winter set from another owner who upgraded to C-class with 18" wheels, they then found existing 17" set wouldn't fit over 18" wheel calipers.
Price, shipped to mainland UK? I could be tempted, although I do have a set of 16" winter rims/tyres for my S204, having changed my summer wheels from original 16" Elegance to 17" AMG's.

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