W205 Audio20 Boot Loop

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Sep 16, 2015
West London
W205 C250 AMG Line Premium

I have a W205 65 plate with an Audio20 unit. Last night the screen froze while starting up and now seems to be stuck in a boot loop.
The unit will show the Mercedes logo and then it will freeze on the screen where it says "do not let the system distract you" and the screen will fade away and then reboot itself.
I've attached a picture I found online of how the screen looks like when it freezes.
Some posts are saying firmware and others are saying new unit :(

Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before?


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Hi. Ive got the exact same problem with my 2015 w205 and it has turned out to be the unit itself, repair i have been quoted £500, replacement at Merc dealership £1100 third option which i have gone with is second hand unit on ebay and £150 to have it coded to my car, have not had the job completed yet but hoping it works was also told will need new sat nav card.
I'm hoping a firmware update will sort this. Seen some posts online where the dealer updated the unit to the latest firmware and it fixed the issue. I've got it booked in for next Thursday.
I had a look at second hand units on ebay and none of them seem to come with the security code, not sure if they can still be re-programmed without the code.
Is your CD and radio still working like any sound coming as mine is completely dead
I get a small sound from the speakers when the unit starts up, like a popping noise as if its trying to send a signal to the speakers.
The reverse camera also works for a few seconds and then the unit will show the additional options like wide angle / brightness for another few seconds and then it will freeze and reboot.
Mine does the same reverse camera on for a few seconds then rebooting process, the code for the second hand unit is obtainable from mercedes dealers,they will just check to make sure it,s not a stolen unit . Do you know how much mercedes charge for the firmware update?
That's good to know, thanks! If the firmware update doesn't work, I'll buy a second hand unit.
Not sure how much the main dealer will charge, but the independent specialist I've got the car booked in with is going to charge £140 if they can fix it with the firmware update.
That,s excellent if they do it,keep us updated here mate
Had the car looked at today and they did a firmware update and it fixed the issue. Audio 20 unit boots up fine and everything works as it should. 🥳
We are seeing quite a few of these units failing. Very few are fixed by a firmware update. When you put a new Audio-20 in, you'll need a new full release SD-Card, which some Mercedes dealers forget until they have installed the unit, and then want a few hundred quid more ...

Looks like I was very lucky with my one. Do you know what is causing the units to fail by any chance?
No, apart from a car is a horrible environment - vibration and massive temperature changes ..
Hi my unit is turning on and off started this morning, all works for about a minute then just shuts down then reboots anyone know where the fuse is, its driving me mad lol
Was this issue fully resolved or did it happen again? also does anyone have any expeirience replacing/repairing the unit as it looks like an common/expensive issue?
Was this issue fully resolved or did it happen again? also does anyone have any expeirience replacing/repairing the unit as it looks like an common/expensive issue?
The firmware update fixed mine, not had any issues since the update.
Dealer said I need a new screen for £725, which didn't sound right so when I questioned they said it was all one unit but still £725 sounds to cheap for the unit and obviously the screen isn't the cause. I asked if a used one could be fitted and they said it was a one time use unit. Has anyone fixed this by replacing the unit or any other alternative?
Talk to Comand Onlinr in Lightwater, Surrey. It’s 50:50 whether the unit is alive long enough to put firmware on it.. Mercedes dealers often replace rather than persevere with it….

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